Indiana: Clockwork

Of the three speakers that started my Saturday morning at the Ohio State Advocates Fall Event, Archie Griffin, Gene Smith and E.Gordon Gee, one would be hard pressed to predict who would give the most entertaining speech. The talk turned serious quickly though; big changes are ahead for the Ohio State campus in the form of ProjectONE, a huge new hospital that will further cement Ohio State’s roll as a leader in Cancer research.

After listening to Dr. Steve Gabbe and Dr.Michael Caligiuri outline the new plans for ProjectONE, I felt kind of proud that my adopted state would host such a visionary project.

Since the event was in the Archie Griffin ball room at the (new) Ohio Union, I got a chance to walk around campus a little bit, probably only the second or third time I have done so. I joined the crowd making its way across the famous Oval, avoiding the stinky nuts littering the ground on the west side of the oval.

The Advocates event kind of put the game in perspective. Curing cancer is infinitely more important than beating Indiana in the world-view scheme of things.  Hopefully a cure for cancer is as sure a bet as beating Indiana.

It was a glorious fall day in the ‘Shoe, with temperatures in the perfects and the stands (mostly) filled with scarlet-clad fans. The Buckeyes came out and got right down to business, scoring a few minutes in, setting the tone for the first half early. As in, score a bunch, and shut the allegedly high-powered Indiana offense down.

first on the board

Six for one.

Boom did the honors, getting the Buckeyes on the board a couple minutes in. Indiana moved the ball and ran out some clock before Sanzenbacher got his, lunging into the end zone from behind a referee.


Getting a feel for the end zone.

Because that sort of thing happens in football. I saw him, he disappeared, and then reappeared, tumbling into the end zone.

crunch time


The goings on went as predicted. The Ohio State defense abused the Indiana offense, generally speaking, and the Ohio State offense abused the Indiana defense.

#@%<img src=

Oh no!

It all went like clockwork, for the first half at least. They didn’t even seem to be trying that hard, although I guess when you are that good it doesn’t look like you are trying that hard. In the second quarter, Pryor unleashed a pass to Saine and Saine watched it into his gloves- where he bobbled it. I saw the whites of his eyes as the ball hung suspended over his closed hands and then it settled into his mitts and he glided into the end zone, smiling through is mouth guard.


No greater relief.

The second quarter drew to a close with Pryor, and the Silver Bullets, still in command.

guess who!

A rougher version of peek a boo.



It seemed every time that Indiana would get a play or two going (mostly by passing, it seemed) the Buckeyes would gird their loins and stomp on them. They didn’t necessarily let the whistle get in the way of a good knock a time or two either.

team effort

Quick, throw him out of bounds!

That is not to say Indiana didn’t make a stop or two. They just didn’t make two in a row. At least not in the first half.

[wpaudio url=”″]

Lets go Bucks!

The second half was a bit different. Pryor came in, passed the 300 yard mark in passing, and left.


And that settles that.

Boom put up another 6 and he too disappeared. And the clockwork Buckeye began to bog down a bit. The second string defense kept Indiana at bay, but the offense sputtered. Something-stringer Hyde, introduced last post against Eastern Michigan, fumbled the ball inside the 10, and that was as close as the Buckeyes got to another score. But they didn’t need to, really. They had proven their points. The offense was firing on all cylinders, moving at almost will against a Big 10 opponent, and the defense was not letting anyone do much of anything. Indiana didn’t really do much of anything period until the 3rd string defense was in. Indiana might not strike much fear into anyone, but they are a step above the last few opponents, and a good way to ease into the Big Ten schedule.

By the end of the third quarter Ohio Stadium was emptying at such a rate that I thought it was being evacuated. The sidelines, once filled with apparent new comers just happy to be there, by then hosted a woman who was sunbathing. Carmen Ohio echoed, but still sounded just as sweet.

Congratulations to Coach Tressel for his 100th win at Ohio State.

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Listen to a slightly windy recording of Carmen Ohio after Saturday’s whomping of Indiana.

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