Miami: Blown away

So I was talking to Archie Griffin on Saturday…

Ok. So I wasn’t really talking to Archie Griffin on Saturday, other than introductions, but I did follow him around for a little while, during the Ohio State Alumni Association’s Scarlet, Grey and Green bash Saturday morning. It is pretty cool to watch a legend at work, signing autographs, posing for pictures, making rousing speeches (to the dismay of a pair of Miami fans in attendance). The bash was cool too, powered by a generator burning sunflower oil, stocked with biodegradable everything, from balloons to straws, and stocked with some pretty darn good chicken from, of all places Raising Cane’s.

It is funny, because they were playing the ‘Canes, get it?


For a poisonous nut, he is pretty popular.

They also had beer. I didn’t have any though, as I had to stay sharp to be able to capture the blazing speed of Miami. I was sure that I would develop a blister on my shootin’ finger, and steam would be rising from my autofocus motor by the second half.

The only thing lacking on the march over to the stadium was sun. The atmosphere was generally festive. I don’t know it was something in the air, or if it was just my own excitement, but I felt a vibe. Shooting the Marshall game was fun, but Miami is in a different league. A competitive game is different to shoot than a game where the team you are shooting blows the other opponent away.

The photo hole under the north end zone was more crowded than last week, as one would expect with a game of national interest. The huge wooden crate that made an appearance last week is now even more in the way. It is still a mystery as to what is in it. Perhaps a stuffed rhinoceros. It is that big.

In the limbo time just before the band comes out and things really get under way I saw members of the band unfurling the flag. The last in line was peeking out the door, waiting for his cue to march the flag to the waiting members of the armed forces, who would raise it.

one cue

Waiting in the wings.

In the limbo time just before the band comes out and things really get under way I saw members of the band unfurling the flag. The last in line was peeking out the door, waiting for his cue to march the flag to the waiting members of the armed forces, who would raise it.

step 2

The second of four steps.

After the usual pre-game pageantry, with an added touch of poignancy because of the date, the players took the field to thunderous applause. Jordan Hall and Jaamal Berry engaged in an elaborate hand shake, and the game was on.


If you look closely, it looks like he is growling.

In a way. After Nate Williams picked of former Heisman Trophy hopeful Jacory Harris and bulled his way down the field, the Buckeyes couldn’t punch it in, settling for a field goal, their first of 5, excluding a miss.


Like taking back a birthday present.

The place was roaring after Williams’ pick, and even louder after Herron put up what looked like a touchdown, which was pulled back because of a foul. It was pretty loud for Barclay’s 24-yarder. It was not loud at all when Miami answered with the resulting kick-off return. It was not awesome at all. Less so when they went up 10-3 with a field goal. Special teams were not on their game on Saturday.


You got tackled by a what?

On the resulting kick-off, Jaamal Berry was tackled by the kicker. Sure, it was a nice run, but I bet he got clowned for getting tackled by a kicker (twice, actually, not to get ahead of ourselves.)

I took a gamble near the start of the second quarter. Hoping to shoot a play from behind the line, Pryor unleashed a 62-yard pass to Posey, and I got to the other end zone just as Posey made a great diving touchdown catch right in front of where I found a spot to shoot.

gluteus discomfort

Where the defense spent at least part of the day.

In honor of that, here is an unrelated photo of Cameron Hayward tackling Jacory Harris.

drop back

Taking aim.

I was in a good spot to see Sanzenbacher pull in a pass from Pryor deep in Miami territory, but again, touchdowns eluded both me and the Buckeyes, who again settled for a field goal.  Again on the next drive I was skunked, trying to shoot Chekwa’s interception through a host of Miami offenders, and Herron’s resulting touchdown was on the opposite side as well. I got a shot, it just wasn’t very good. Some times it works out like that.  But at least the Buckeyes were up 20-10.

This is what is sounded like. Deafening. At the end, you can hear the cheering morph into “booooooom” since it was he who scored.

[wpaudio url=”″]

blown aside

Moment of truth…

For about 30 seconds. The resulting punt went allll the way back to the house via the fleet feet of Travis Benjamin. He left OSU punter Ben Buchanan in his dust. Those kicking types need to work on their tackling. Miami punters brought down two Ohio State return artists.

But Jordan Hall got a nice return out of the resulting kick off…

danger ahead

Danger ahead!

not again


Until he was horse collared by the Miami kicker.

Who would have thought kickers would be such pesky defenders?

come to tp

Flying cuddle.

All was forgiven, though, I guess, as Pryor gave him a flying cuddle, lifting him into the air in place of one of those chest/hip bumps normally favored by athletes.

A musical interlude: the famous O, H, I, O cheer by stadium quadrant.
[wpaudio url=”″]
All was not lost though, as the Buckeyes scored again. And again, it was on the opposite side of the field than me. Plus it was raining. Being a single shooter, sometimes one takes one’s chances when choosing a spot to shoot from, and some times it doesn’t work out. It used to drive me crazy, but I am ok with it now.

Kind of.

feel it

Flipped lid.

On thing, of many, that I love about Terrelle Pryor is that he wants to give a defender something to remember him by when he gets tackled. Miami’s DeMarcus Van Dyke lost his helmet, and Pryor put his shoulder into every defender he could find when he was headed out of bounds. He doesn’t tend to duck tackles, which probably drives his coaches crazy.


Halftime solemnity.

There was a nice half time program featuring patriotic songs, with the glee club making an appearance.

And then it was time to get back to the business of pummeling Miami. At this point, 26-17, with Miami’s two touchdowns coming at the hands of special teams.

ready to rumble

Clear a path.

Contrary to my theme of the day, I was in a good spot to get Cam Heyward’s interception and the start of his epic 80-yard return. I do wish I could have seen him flatten a few ‘Caines on his way to the Miami 15. But I was already hauling arse down the sideline, and after a few plays Pryor high stepped into the end zone with a yell.

high stepping

Show ’em your mouthpiece.



Keeping an eye on the Block O sometimes pays off, as they sometimes raise banners or signs which can be fairly amusing. Shortly after Pryor scored they raised a sea of Block Os, a form of binary cheer, I guess.*

*That was very nerdy. Sorry.


You can’t do that, clap clap clapclapclap.

The next drive, of interest at least, was helped out by a face mask penalty that put Ohio State on Miami’s 13, but again, it was for half-naught, as they ended up with another field goal. Their five on the day tied a school record. I half expected the crowd to start a cheer familiar in eastern Ohio, the “you can’t do that, clap clap clapclapclap” cheer, which goes to show I spend too much time shooting high school sports.

who you ... never mind.

Now with twice the blocking power and 3 times the ds.

The game was shot in 3d by ESPN, and unlike last year’s game with USC, the camera gear was carried by two people, for twice the view blocking power. They looked like some kind of early form of Ghost Busters.

fight or flight

I’d run too.

The Buckeyes harrassed and harried Harris, who is a good athlete, but not the best passer, through the fourth quarter. Despite his failings this game, the Buckeyes will have their work cut out for them next year in Miami.


Victory dance.

The fourth quarter was spent somewhat on pins and needles. I never really felt the Buckeyes would blow it, but is not like they haven’t in the past, so there was a little nagging doubt at times. But it never really seemed like the Hurricanes would get it together enough to pull it out, everyone sang Carmen Ohio at the end with gusto when Pryor ran out the clock to put it in the books.

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