Big Ten Champs: A Look Back

It was quite a time, watching the Buckeyes this season. Started with a skin o’ your teeth, ended with a skin o’ your teeth, with a few blowouts and a heart breaker or two in between. The energy of the USC game was incredible, the lack of it for some of the mid-season foes palpable.


Navy: Everyone was nervous at the end, even the guy in the upper atmosphere.

big ups

USC: USC won the big play battle, and the game, despite Posey’s efforts.

a grand scene

Toledo: The real party was before the game.


Illinois: Soggy, but the band came prepared.


Wisconsin: The game I discovered I love Nate Williams.


Minnesota: Hangin’ with royalty.


New Mexico State: Dedicated Block O fans brave the cold.


Iowa: Trapped in a crowd mostly taller than me, I struck gold near the end zone.

Tale of the tape: More than 12,000 pictures, taking up more than 60 gig worth of space. More than 1000 miles driven, and more than 120 hours worth of work.

And, of course, worth every second. Thanks to the Ohio State Alumni Association for a great season. A great organization all the way around.

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and I am always down for some fandom too.

Go Bucks!

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2 Responses to Big Ten Champs: A Look Back

  1. Chris says:

    Great pics, what a great way to relive the games.

    much appreciated from a OSU alum !

  2. Douglas Beck says:

    Beautiful site, and mucho thanks for sharing.
    Go Bucks!

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