Big Ten Tournament: Michigan

I try and stay jaded, I really do. But after the epic Buckeye Bash at Champps on Saturday, I was ready to go. I was ready to go kick some photographic arse. My trip to the Big Ten Tournament in Indianapolis came about over lunch, and within a few days I was giddy for my […]

Michigan: Make it seven.

I have an irrational dislike of Michigan. I don’t know why. I grew up in New Hampshire, for crying out loud. My visits to Michigan have been high-speed dashes across the state. I have spent one night there in my entire life, when I was 10. But when I see someone in Ohio wearing the […]

Penn State: Not fun, not fun, not fun, fun.

Driving to my Friday night football game an hour from home, all I could think was “#@$ football, I wish it would just end.” Pre-game dinner, Friday night, between bites; “I hope they get blown out so I can leave by half.” At halftime, Friday night; “I hope they win so I can shoot another […]

Purdue: Homecoming redemption

A beautiful dawn spread its golden rays across Mirror Lake Saturday morning, wiping away the bitter taste of last week’s defeat as past and present Buckeyes gathered for Homecoming. Ok. That might be a touch of hyperbole. But hyperbole is one of the main fuels of college football, so it fits. It is not hyperbole […]

Indiana: Clockwork

Of the three speakers that started my Saturday morning at the Ohio State Advocates Fall Event, Archie Griffin, Gene Smith and E.Gordon Gee, one would be hard pressed to predict who would give the most entertaining speech. The talk turned serious quickly though; big changes are ahead for the Ohio State campus in the form […]

Eastern Michigan: Meat judging

Founded in 1849 in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Eastern Michigan hosts 5 Colleges and competes in 14 intercollegiate sports*. Founded in 1870, Ohio State hosts 15 or so colleges, and competes in 20 intercollegiate sports. And has a meat judging team. (*sports period, not divided by gender.) Eatin’ Buckeye.

Ohio: Times Flies

To say that Ohio University’s visit to the ‘Shoe was a let down from last week would be unfair to the experience of watching a game in Ohio Stadium. That said, it was hard to get too excited about the actual game to be played, despite Ohio’s hard-fought 26-14 loss during their last visit in […]

Miami: Blown away

So I was talking to Archie Griffin on Saturday… Ok. So I wasn’t really talking to Archie Griffin on Saturday, other than introductions, but I did follow him around for a little while, during the Ohio State Alumni Association’s Scarlet, Grey and Green bash Saturday morning. It is pretty cool to watch a legend at […]

Marshall: Corralled

I did everything I could think of to not be in Columbus a ridiculous amount of time before kickoff on Thursday. I cut my hair, shaved, cleaned my car (kinda), tidied up the house (a little) and even drove slower than normal. When I got to Columbus, I stopped at Barnes and Noble on Olentangy […]

Big Ten Champs: A Look Back

It was quite a time, watching the Buckeyes this season. Started with a skin o’ your teeth, ended with a skin o’ your teeth, with a few blowouts and a heart breaker or two in between. The energy of the USC game was incredible, the lack of it for some of the mid-season foes palpable. […]