Penn State: Out with a fizzle.

Change was in the air Saturday as I wandered along the Olentangy in search of a tailgating spark to start my day. I don’t know if it was me, or if it was the day, but the spark wasn’t there. Just a feeling of going through the motions, as if everyone was going through the […]

Indiana: Oddly compelling.

I decided to gauge the pulse of Buckeye Nation tailgating on Saturday morning, by walking around and visiting as many tailgates as I could. Problem is, I got there too early. At 8:30, there was barely a presence in the Longaberger lot* and the last thing I wanted to do was show prime tailgating real […]

Wisconsin: Homecoming heart-stopper.

It was a sparkling, if brisk, fall afternoon when I arrived at the Honors and Scholars house for my annual date with the OSU Homecoming Court. The superlative youngsters were mingling and munching with guests and past homecoming court members, a few of whom I recognized from years past. I wandered around, taking semi-candid photos […]

Nebraska: Part Two, Shucks.

Writing this with a bit of time and quite a bit of distance between me and Saturday night’s game, I can look back a bit more fondly at the overall experience. Don’t write angry. That said, it took a long and rather profane tirade and some beer to get me to a the point where […]

Nebraska: Part One, Pregame.

Months ago, when The Association first approached me about going to Nebraska, I thought it would be an interesting test for the Buckeyes. By the time I got off the plane in Omaha, I was just hoping for survival. A lot had changed in a few months. While my colleagues for the weekend were setting […]

Michigan State: Just Yuck.

After a pretty lousy two weeks, I pulled into Columbus hoping for a few rays of sunshine. Instead, I got cold, rain, wind and eventually, a loss. I donned my rain gear, strapped on my various pouches and bags, placed a couple cameras around my neck, and hit the parking lots along Olentangy. It didn’t […]

Colorado: Perspective

My part of the project of awesomeness I wrote about last week. Football is the most visible and immediate way for Ohio State fans to connect with the university. But my Saturday morning assignment added a bit of perspective, especially after a rough week for Buckeye Nation.

Toledo: Singed

Reflecting on Saturday’s game after a beer and a glass of wine, I am still presented with the same opinion. What the what? Seriously, Toledo is a fine team, and the cream of the Mid-American Conference. But that is still only a step above the little sisters of the disadvantaged. Maybe two. You know when […]

Akron: Let the mystery begin

Nary a cloud floated in the azure sky as the scarlet clad warriors thundered across the hallowed plastic turf of Ohio Stadium to vanquish their marsupial* foe. I am aware they are the Akron Zips, but their logo is a kangaroo, fer cryin’ out loud. Before I could witness the spectacle and revel in the […]

Big Ten Tournament: Champs!

When I got into my car to go to an assignment Monday afternoon and glanced over at the photographer passes from the Big Ten Tournament title game sitting on my passenger seat, I felt like I was living a double life. Big time, big deal photographer on weekends, small town newspaper guy during the week. […]